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Mōbby is creating a world where you can connect to people, places, and things you can trust. Learn more about how we do it.

A complete transaction network.

Our Blockchain Experts are building the next internet
  • Sunday Group
  • Sunday Group develops new and innovative software in the blockchain space. Our international team has years of experience in development and marketing experience, and have come up with a strategic plan for the development of cutting edge blockchain software – Mōbby – to expand into global markets.
    Blockchain Software User Friendly Apps International Expertise Artificial Intelligence
  • Mōbby
  • Mōbby will be a trust-layer on top of the internet. It aims to lessen fake reviews, fake news and other nefarious activities on social media and review-based sites that aim to damage you, your business, or your brand. Mōbby’s AI enhanced reputation system will eventually learn to identify misinformation, lies, and negative activities. Once our system has determined the information as unreputable and untruthful, it will be hidden from view.
    Decentralized Layer Enhanced Reputation System Complete Transaction Network
  • Token
  • The Mōbby token will allow people and companies worldwide to make thousands of seamless transactions per second worldwide without waiting for tedious approvals required of traditional methods. Mōbby tokens will be constructed on a provably secure blockchain system which utilizes advanced consensus algorithms known as PoS/PoR (Proof of Stake/Proof of Reputation).
    Mobile blockchain economy Transact Seamlessly Worldwide Non-mined, Secure System Create Additional Sub-Tokens
  • Blockchain
  • Mōbby will ensure both privacy and security by spotting threats before they occur. Mōbby will also be a hybrid blockchain, where one is public or consumer-facing and the other is permissioned for corporate transactions behind the scenes. It’s safer than most blockchains on the market. Unlike most blockchains/DLTs today, Mōbby’s reputation system enhanced by AI allows information to be customized to each individual user by predicting behavior and intent. This new technology is designed to be safe and secure, and will save time and manpower for individuals, corporations and governments in the near future.
    Mōbby Ledger Network Incentives Token Supply & Distribution

A trusted network of professionals.

More than a token gesture.

Sunday Group.

Toshi 'Todd' Mitsuichi
Toshi 'Todd' Mitsuishi Chief Mōbbiler Todd has previously led a company from small startup to a billion dollar valuation as CEO and has helped prepare companies to go public in the tough U.S. regulated environment. An expert in market, management, and an early adopter of blockchain technology, Todd is well-versed in the international arena as he has traveled and lived extensively, particularly in the Asia region. Todd majored in both Math and Computer Science at UCLA and his experience of leading companies to success will allow SGI to become the leader in the internet of trust.
James G Pack
James G Pack Legality Concierge James has extensive skills as a negotiator and is a successful businessman. He was a top lobbyist for the telecommunications industry and connected at the highest levels of U.S. government, with which he still has relations today. He also co-founded and led a health product manufacturing and sales firm to nearly $100 million in annual sales. James helps guide SGI on the legal front and plans to help lead the way for the industry to thrive in a new world where innovation and technology increase trust and decrease regulation.
Ken Hashimoto
Ken Hashimoto Wallet Warden Ken is a licensed CPA, a former audit professional at Big 4 accounting firm in Silicon Valley, finance analyst at Amazon Japan and accounting manager at an U.S. publicly listed medical device company, providing him a specialized expertise within the high-tech industry and all-around background in finance and accounting, which will greatly benefit SGI as it expands domestically and internationally.
Vassilis Zikas
Professor Vassilis Zikas Chief Scientist Vassilis Zikas is an Associate Professor and Vice-Director of the Blockchain Technology Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh. He was previously Assistant Professor at the Computer Science department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Senior Research Associate in Cryptography and Information Security at ETH Zurich, Research Fellow of the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, UC Berkeley, and postdoctoral researcher at UCLA and at the University of Maryland. Vassilis received his PhD from the Computer Science Department of ETH Zurich and his diploma from the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at NTUA (National Technical University of Athens).

Advisory Group.

Leonard Kleinrock
Professor Leonard Kleinrock Known as a father of the internet, Dr. Kleinrock is often referred to as inventor of the internet by his peers. His packet switching theories, developed while at MIT, became the basis for the first internet transmission under his direction at UCLA’s Boelter Hall Room 3420, now known as the "Birthplace of the Internet." Dr Kleinrock leads the Advisory Board and will assist SGI's new innovation as it improves the ecosystem he helped initially create.
Steve Crocker
Dr. Steve Crocker Dr. Crocker is the former chairman of ICANN and co-founder of Cybercash, one of the earliest digital currencies developed in 1998. He is a board member of the Internet Society and was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012. Dr. Crocker also invented the RFC (Request For Comment) memorandum system today used by projects such as ERC (Ethereum Request for Comment) in the blockchain sector. Dr. Crocker adds valuable experience and expertise as a SGI Advisory Board member.
Steve Crocker
Professor Yehuda Afek Dr. Afek is a Professor of Computer Science at Tel-Aviv University and one of the foremost experts in cybersecurity and prevention of DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. A former student at UCLA under Dr. Kleinrock’s tutelage, Dr. Afek has gone on to write various acclaimed research papers as well as sit on committees of organizations related to cybersecurity, cryptography, and machine learning. Yehuda will advise SGI on the security of its programming security, software applications, and system design.
Rafail Ostrovsky
Professor Rafail Ostrovsky Rafail “Rafi” Ostrovsky is a Professor of Computer Science and Professor of Mathematics at UCLA. Prof. Ostrovsky joined UCLA in 2003 as a full tenured professor, coming from Bell Communications Research where he was a Senior Research Scientist. Dr. Ostrovsky received his Ph.D. in computer science from MIT in 1992. He has 14 U.S. patents issued and over 290 papers published in refereed journals and conferences. He is the recipient of multiple awards and honors including the 2017 IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award and the 2018 RSA Conference Excellence in the Field of Mathematics lifetime achievement Award.
Fred Almeida
Fred Almeida Fred is the founder, chairman and CEO of Alyc Inc, which he founded in 2018. Fred is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company. He has also founded numerous AI companies in Japan, Singapore and in the US, including Ascent Robotics, a leading Autonomous driving and smart robotics firm; and Neuri, an intelligent Financial AI trading platform. Fred Leads the design of Mōbby's AI and DLT services and development of its core technology and infrastructure. Fred has studied Mathematics and Computer science at Harvard and is attending OPM at Harvard Business School.